Eligibility Requirements



Full time enrollment requires a proficienct Reading score from previous school year's state standardized assessment.  Courses are rigorous, thus requiring a student with average or above average reading and writing abilities.  Students will need to be able to prioritize tasks, organize assignments and complete assigned work within a deadline. 

Who is eligible to enroll in full-time iFlagler?

  • Full time enrolled students have to show proficiency in reading on their previous school years state Reading exams.  Students who do not show proficiency must be enrolled at a brick-and-mortar school so that they may receive reading interventions. 
  • Students with a history of truancy are not eligible.
  • Students who have been expelled are not eligible.
  • Middle School and High School students (grades 7-12 up to a maximum of 19 years old).
  • Students must have daily access to the Internet. 
  • All other eligibility requirements noted in the student progression plan must also be met.



  • To enroll in an iFlagler course, students must maintain continuous enrollment and attendance at their local school.
  • iFlagler will enroll students through age 19 into our online courses, contingent on the student who is age 19 being in the senior year.
  • Part time students can take a combination of brick and mortar courses and virtual courses.