iFlagler Tops in the State

iFlagler Tops in the State
Posted on 07/18/2019

Flagler Schools is proud to announce that for the second time in four years, iFlagler is the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Small District Franchise of the Year for the 2018-2019 school year. The award was presented this week at the annual FLVS franchise meeting in Orlando.

When presenting the award to iFlagler assistant principal Erin Quinn, Larry Banks from FLVS commended the iFlagler team for the great partnership. He also pointed out that iFlagler is always striving for ways to improve, communicate, and interact positively with Florida Virtual Schools.

Diane Dyer, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for Flagler Schools says this honor is proof this educational option is needed among Flagler students. “You have heard a lot about the success of the high school credit recovery programs and the increased graduation rate. (iFlagler) has been instrumental in these great accomplishments.”

iFlagler begins its tenth year of providing online education for students in Flagler County. Classes are offered to students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The Franchise of the Year recognizes the secondary program, which gives students in middle and high school the opportunity to receive all their coursework and instruction online. iFlagler classes are similar to the Florida Virtual School offerings, but are taught by local teachers. This gives students the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with teachers and staff.

While there are many teachers and staff who make iFlagler possible, Diane Dyer wants to shine a light on the role Erin Quinn plays in her role as assistant principal for the program. “Erin is relentless in her pursuit of perfection for all things iFlagler and in her determination to make sure students are successful.”

The FLVS Franchise of the Year award is based on a number of criteria to include maintaining high ratings on Quality Assurance reports, Classroom Audits with a low percentage of concern reports, complying with FLVS Academic Integrity protocol and procedures, and with FLVS Teacher Training requirements and suggestions.