iFlagler Virtual School provides a personalized learning experience through an online platform. Engaging lessons and teacher support help improve learning outcomes for your child. Live lessons, tutoring sessions, progress monitoring, and face-to-face meetings with your teacher are available to students. 

A learning coach should be present each school day to assist the student. 

School Supplies
iFlagler is a virtual school. The only required school supplies are internet and an electronic device. We recommend a computer or laptop rather than an iPad. Flagler Schools, through the Digital Learning Movement, provides a laptop to all iFlagler students. Families will be contacted directly when a laptop is ready for your student(s). However, if you have your own device at home you are welcome to use that. 

Suggested Supplies:
  • Pens/pencils
  • Paper/Notebooks: To take and keep organized notes 
  • Paper/Electronic Calendar: Assignments are outlined for the week. A calendar can help organize what days to complete specific assignments.
Meet our teachers:
Kindergarten/1st Grade: Jacqueline Guerrero
2nd Grade: Cindy Levine
3rd Grade: Annemarie Yarosh
4th Grade: Megan Stevens
5th Grade: Jessica White Leon