iMac Desk

Credits and Course Information:

Students must take six credits during the school year as a full time iFlagler student. 

Part time students enrolled in a brick and mortar school must meet with their school counselor to register for virtual courses.

1.0 Credit courses take 36 weeks to complete.

0.5 Credit courses take 18 weeks to complete.

To view the course selection sheets please click here.


We are now offering Credit Recovery Courses!

Credit recovery courses provide struggling students with innovative course content and standard aligned assessments, designed to get them back on track.

Aligned to the goals of the FLDOE course descriptions.

Students must have previously failed the particular course to be eligible.

Credit Recovery Courses are not NCAA approved. (Not recommended for student athletes)

Credit Recovery Courses are not applicable for Bright Future Scholarships.

Not recommended for students applying for university admission.

See your school guidance counselor for more information on the iFlagler credit recovery program.