What is iFlagler?

This is a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) which uses the same curriculum, but classes are taught by local teachers. These are rigorous courses and must be completed within the academic school year.

Who is eligible to take classes?

  • Middle School and High School students (grades 7-12 up to a maximum of 19 years old) who are district-enrolled or home-schooled may enroll full or part-time
  • Full time enrolled students have to show proficiency in reading on their previous school year's state reading exams. Students who do not show proficiency must be enrolled at a brick-and-mortar school so that they may receive reading interventions.
  • Students with a history of truancy are not eligible.
  • Students who have been expelled are not eligible.
  • Students must have daily access to the Internet.
    Students must have above average writing/reading abilities and the ability to prioritize tasks, organize assignments and complete assigned work within a deadline.
  • iFlagler is not an appropriate choice for Level 1 readers and they are not eligible to take any classes. Middle and High school Level 1 readers may only be partially enrolled so that they may receive reading interventions at a brick-and-mortar school. 
  • Charter school students are not eligible.
  • All other eligibility requirements noted in the student progression plan must also be met.

Where will classes be taken?

iFlagler full-time students will take courses at home. FPC or MHS students may be granted the privilege of taking courses off-campus (parents must provide transportation) if they meet all the following requirements:

  • Weighted GPA has to be a 3.5 or higher.
  • Unweighted GPA must be a 3.2 or higher.
  • Must have received a (B) or higher in a previous online course.
  • Dual enrolled students are eligible.
  • No 9th graders will be allowed to take an iFlagler course at home.

Part-time students will be placed in an appropriate school classroom, media center, or computer lab.

Will IEPs be followed?

Some accommodations such as extended time and multiple chances to master material are naturally built into the program. Modifications to the curriculum, however, cannot be made. Students must be working toward a standard diploma. As a franchise of Florida Virtual School, iFlagler is considered a school of choice. iFlagler guidance, ESE department, and family will meet to determine appropriate placement based on students' needs.

Will there be rolling admission?

Students must be done with classes by the last day of the regular school calendar. Courses take 16-18 weeks per half credit to complete, at a rate of approximately 4-6 study hours per week. Motivated students who spend more time each day working on assignments will finish faster. That means that students who are taking a full-credit course must be finished with the first semester (called Segment 1) in January when the other district classes are finished. The second semester (Segment 2) for those taking a full-credit course must be finished by the last day of school for the district. Registration for Segment 2 courses closes during the third quarter.

How do students register?

Detailed directions can be found on the "Admissions" link.

Step 1: You must complete the online questionnaire. This is the first part in seeing if your child is eligible to enroll with iFlagler.

Step 2: After your information from the online questionnaire is reviewed by an iFlagler representative, you will receive an email informing you of the eligibility results.

If approved the email will contain:

A registration checklist
The district registration packet
The step-by-step instructions on creating a Parent/Student FLVS account (Grades 7-12 ONLY)

Step 3: Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, call iFlagler to schedule a registration appointment (386) 447-1520

The student and a parent/guardian must attend the appointment. District-enrolled middle and high school students need to register through their school guidance counselor.

Is there a grace period to ensure that iFlagler is the appropriate choice for a student?

The first 14 days after a student is activated is the Grace Period. If a student decides that iFlagler is not the right choice, he/she may drop the course with no academic penalty. If a student does not maintain the required pace or does not complete the required work and communications during this grace period, he/she will be administratively dropped.

During the course request process, the student agrees to the following:
“I acknowledge that during the first 14 days of being activated in my iFlagler course, I may drop the course without penalty. Upon dropping a course after the first 14 days, a grade of WF (Withdraw Fail) will be issued. I understand that for each online course there are a minimum number of assignments that must be completed each week. Failure to submit the minimum number of assignments on a weekly basis may result in my removal from the course and may result in a failing grade being assigned to my academic transcript. If I drop the course after completing 50% of the class requirements and fail to take the final exam, iFlagler will issue an "F" for my final grade.”

Are Honors/Advanced classes available?

Almost all courses may be taken for regular or honors/advanced credit. Students can change enrollment from regular to honors or honors to regular after being enrolled in the course. Changes must be made before the student reaches 50% complete in the course.

How do teachers ensure that a student is doing his own work?

FLVS/iFlagler take the subject of academic integrity seriously. Teachers use a variety of monitoring tools:

• Turnitin.com

This Internet tool compares student work against a variety of databases. Most work is automatically uploaded to the system. This database compares student work against work found on the Internet and work submitted by other FLVS/iFlagler students.

• Academic Integrity Database

FLVS maintains its own database of student integrity incidences. This database is used to monitor the number of student integrity issues.

• Discussion Based Assessments (DBAs)

Teachers regularly conduct discussion-based assessments with their students. These conversations occur at specific intervals and are included in the assessment component of each course. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work.

• Proctored Exams

All final exams will be proctored, which students will take at a district site. In addition, teachers can request a scheduled proctored assessment at any time for a student.

Does iFlagler grant diplomas?

Diplomas are issued through the student’s home-zoned high school.

Why should students enroll in iFlagler instead of Florida Virtual School?

The courses and the requirements are the same. The difference is that iFlagler teachers are local and will be able to meet as needed with students for face-to-face interaction. Meeting face-to-face for academic counseling is also available. When students take the courses through iFlagler, state funding (FTE) remains in the district.

How does grading work?

iFlagler uses the same grading scale as the other schools in Florida. 1-credit courses are in half-credit segments. There is a final exam for each segment. Each segment exam counts as 20% of the overall grade.

May iFlagler full-time students participate in activities at the home zoned school?

Yes, they are eligible to participate in interscholastic activities at their home-zoned school.

How do parents monitor the progress of students?

Parents must register for a Guardian Account. This account allows them to view the work students have submitted and their grades. Email between the teacher and the parent comes directly into this account, which allows for easy interaction.